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Welcome! You’ve found the NU Chemical Engineering 1-ON-1 Mentoring website.


This website has been created to aid the NU Chemical Engineering undergraduate community identify potential mentors who may be in a position to offer their insights into chemical engineering professional careers.

The mentors are alumni of NU’s Chemical Engineering program. These alumni have volunteered to help you as you begin thinking about your future career choices.  They are located all around the country so your interactions may be limited to phone calls or emails.

It is expected these mentee/mentor interactions will be driven by specific questions or decisions a mentee has, as opposed to establishing open ended longer term relationships.  Please continue to scroll down to find your respective title i.e. mentors or mentees.




You will drive this process. It is up to you to reach out to alumni. You can either do your own footwork on LinkedIn or use our alumni matching quiz below.

You may opt to take the alumni matching quiz. You’ll be directed to a list of criteria from which you will select. The selection process will select those that best define the issue/question/topic you wish to engage the mentor to discuss. A very narrow set of selection criteria may yield no mentors currently participating in the program. If this occurs you will have to restart the criteria selection process with a somewhat broader set of selection criteria. You may choose to contact multiple mentors to select the one(s) you think may be the most help.

When you reach out via e-mail it is recommended you put “NU ChemE 1-ON-1 Mentoring Program” in the subject line to better identify the subject matter and create a sense of urgency.


Connect with Alumni on LinkedIn

If you seek to search through a vast pool of NU ChemE alumni, please do so in this alumni group. It is also a great thing to be a part of for the future!

Alumni Matching Quiz

If you would like to connect with the Alumni in this program, please take the quiz linked below to see who you are most inclined to speak with.


If you seek to become a mentor, please apply below with the given form.

 Mentees will be matching with you based on their results from the alumni quiz. They have been instructed to reach out to you via email with a subject of NU ChemE 1-ON-1 Mentoring Program to ease your recognition of the outreach effort. Please respond to their outreach efforts as soon as possible to advance the process and further the dialogue.

This initiative works only because of your involvement. We will continue soliciting alumni to grow the participation and broaden and deepen the industry and work experiences available to the student population that seeks a mentor through the website. To update you information please click here.


Thanks for your continued support!

New Mentor Interest Application

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Alumni Feature of the Month

Our alumni feature of the week is Holly! Holly is in charge of the mentoring program with the IAB. She graduated in 2006 and currently is the Director of Business Operations Excellence at Charles River Laboratories. Reach out to Holly to learn more about her!